Interview: WBHM Interview about Beauty and the Beast set

Tapestry is WBHM 90.3's (Birmingham, AL) weekly arts program. Below is the excerpt about the interview I had with Tanya Ott.

"And finally today, if you walk into Virginia Samford Theatre this weekend you'll find yourself transported to a visual wonderland. It's the final weekend of Red Mountain Theatre Company's production of Beauty and the Beast. Large cast, over-the-top costumes and a massive set. We caught up with director Abe Reybold - who's in Portland, Oregon, directing another show this week - and scenic designer Murdock Lucas - who's in North Carolina for graduate school.
The set of Beauty and the Beast...
Red Mountain Theatre Company's Beauty and the Beast runs through Sunday at the Virginia Samford Theatre."

You can also download the entire program here.

**UPDATE - I have hosted the segment from the show on my own server now, instead of relying on WBHM's largesse**