Cosí Fan Tutte Reviewed!

We've been reviewed!

Charles Murdock Lucas’ sets evoke the 1960s with a minimalist approach that makes each of just a few elements stand out. One really striking element is the furniture: Piles of red ball-like shapes, for example, replace chairs and sofas.
Check out the review in full here.


Cosí Scenery Rehearsal Photos

More Rehearsal Photos- no costumes yet, and lots of scenery notes to take, but a lot of progress.


Cosí Scenery Spacing Rehearsal Photos

The Cosí production team (Stage Director Steve LaCosse, Conductor Jamie Allbritten, Lighting by Val Walz, Costumes (not pictured yet) by Dina Perez, Technical Direction by Andrew Bodd, Scenic Charge Nicole Miniclier, Properties by Nathaniel Gearhart and Stage Managed by Sam Preiss) is putting together months of hard work this week in preparation for opening. Here are some photos from our first spacing rehearsal.


Cosi Scenery and Props under construction

 The bar being painted
 The rock furniture being prepped for painting
 A painted rock piece
 The large Ball Furniture under construction
 Curtains being painted for the Girl's Living Room
 One of the Legs and the Officer's Club Portal being built