Production Photos from "Evening Wind"

The first of the production photos are coming in for Evening Wind - check them out!

Arthur the hairdresser leaves Paris in search of his father:

 But his ship has engine trouble and crashes on a tribal island
 Where he will meet Chief Evening Wind, his daughter Atala, the cook Not-Combed-At-All and the Sacred White Bear of the tribe.

 Directed by Jacob Allen
Costumes by Amber M. Cook
Lighting by Krystal Kennel


Paint Elevation for Evening Wind

Here's the Painter's Elevation for the tall drop in Evening Wind
The Overture started with just the moon and night sky visible through the gold picture frame, and as the flying machine lost altitude, the drop flew out, revealing more and more sky, then eventually the coast line of the island.


Triple Bill at Ohio Light Opera

Here are the model photos of the next productions I have designed, going up in a few weeks:

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Costumes by Amber M. Cook
Lighting by Krystal Kennel